Megaherz - kopfschuss

On April 18, 2007, it was confirmed on Megaherz's official website that the band found a new singer and was working on their sixth record. It was also stated that the band would tour while recording their new album. [2]

^ "Bitch" is a slightly inaccurate translation in that Miststück is a non-gender-specific insult, though the context of the song makes it clear that the Miststück is a female. Miststück literally means "piece of crap ".

History Formation and early years (2003–2009) After leaving Megaherz in 2003 due to creative differences, Wesselsky got together with Noel Pix, who composed the ...

After the Summer Breeze Open Air festival, bassist Olli Pohl left the band. The band later found a new bass guitar player, Dominik Palmer.

Megaherz - KopfschussMegaherz - KopfschussMegaherz - KopfschussMegaherz - Kopfschuss